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Nice section is called Religion and Spirituality. This section was created for those people who are interested this theme. In any case this section is very interesting and will interest many people who will dare investigate it. Audios are presented by famous authors who know what they are talking in each audio.

All audio are available for online listening and free download. We wish you a pleasant listening. Just listen, learn and become clever than you have in present day. Gain experience in this section.

: LibriVox
Added: 2014-03-05


This 1871 rethink of The Psalms by the American Bible Union is based on the "Common Version", another name for the 1833 revision of the King James Version of The Bible by Noah Webster.

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: Pramod Uday
Added: 2014-02-02

Law of Attraction and Relationships

Pramod Uday discovers whole five steps to attracting and positive relationships. In this audio-program he covers loving yourself, putting for purpose for attracting your match, imagining a loving relationship, practicing loving anyone, and feeling well regardless of circumstance. This audio-program is available on MP3 free download through

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: Mi Ka El Mindchanger
Added: 2014-01-14

Introduction to Your Mind

Two guided audio meditations by Mi Ka El. These guided meditations get the listener straight into some of the deepest insights of mindfulness practice. "Awareness in the Now" awakens you to the witness consciousness and to the awareness of the Higher Self or Divine Self, our individualized aspect of the Universal Intelligence, while "A Change of Mind" leads to the recognition that our focus determines our experience of life and that all "suffering is optional," as the Dalai Lama reminded us.

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