How to Cheer Up? 7 ways

Author: Michail

Date: 2013-11-28

How to Cheer Up?Hello readers of the site

Do you have a bad mood at the moment? Do you suffer of depression right now? Laziness attacked you? Are you too lazy to do anything? It means that you need to cheer up? In this article well speak about how to cheer up at the time when your mood is bad. Ill give you Russian methods. Dont abuse them. Russian people are very often in a bad mood. We were forced to come up with ways to eliminate it. So, lets get started.

How to Cheer Up?

The first way to cheer yourself up is hobby. Hobby is the best thing for improve your mood. I personally use this way when I have a bad mood. My hobby helps me distract from bad mood. Favorite business or hobby always has a positive effect on the human because man fully focuses on his hobby. Time for a bad mood is not. If you have hobby that get enjoy this immediately. This way you are guaranteed cheer up. Tested by me.

Listen musicHobbies are different. For example: music, fun cinema, walk, sport, etc. When I suffer of bad mood, I begin listen music. It is my favorite hobby. I lie down on the sofa and start listening to my favorite music. I love listen rap and pop. Music is powerful way for improve mood. Sometimes I listen to music five full hours. Unfortunately I dont know that in America. Maybe your people listen to music the whole days. In this case your people always have the good mood. Music helps to get rid of boredom. Music excites the brain, emotions appear and your mood becomes great.

Fun films also help improve mood. I know that you know about it. Do you use it? I suppose that NO. Man forgets about it because he focuses on his a bad mood. I always get lazy to search funny movies when Im in a bad mood. Sometimes I accidentally found it. Once I lay on the sofa and I just turned on the TV. There was Nickelodeon and broadcast ICarly. I watched these 5 minutes and after this time I felt better. ICarly is real fun soap opera, but stupid a little bit, special Gibby. Fun films also are great way to cheer up. Use it. Lets try. Watch the video below. I love watch video with animals. They really help to overcome depression and sadness.

Next way. It isnt exercise. Sport is great thing, but isnt this case. In the bad mood difficult to do something, especially do exercise. Better take or get relaxation. I love meditation. Meditation really helps me to relax and cheer up. Russian people dislike meditation because they think that it is waste of time. But I use it as achieve great mood. Besides it is useful for your health. You can meditate in the bathroom. Bathroom is cool space for relaxation. Warm bath will cheer up even the saddest person in the world. Pamper yourself immediately. You can visit SPA if you want.

Delusion meal also is fantastic method to cheer up. Only you need to comply with the measure. Dont you want get the extra weight? Of course NO. Extra weight will only worsen a bad mood. When did you last take the time to make yourself something? You can prepare your own food and after eat it. Having eaten food that you have prepared yourself, certainly cheer yourself up. If you dislike prepare food then dont do this.

I love make faces. Its funny thing. When you grouchy; you scowl. If you happy; you smile. Your task stand in front of a mirror and start make funny faces. Then your scowl will change on smile. Make face is pleasure thing. Become a child at least temporarily. Be child is no bad as it seems. Do it right now. You can send me a photo with your funny face. Ill respond you how well you completed this task. My email: Ill wait it.

Mister Bin

I advise you dance. Dance better than exercise. Dances were created specifically to set the mood. When people had in the bad mood they danced. It always helped. Dances are positive energy. Dances are cure for a bad mood. You can dance everywhere: on the bed, street, in the kitchen, on the table.

If you do not want to anything do, you can just walk. Walk is the easiest way to cheer up. Enough to walk 30 minutes and youll feel better. Besides it is also useful for your health. Just go outside and walk without reason and leisurely. Observe what is happening around. Russian people like zombies. They look down on the floor and dont see what is happening around. It must be stopped. After observing nature you are sure to become happy.

Thatll be all. Unfortunately I cant write more and I beg your pardon for my English as always. As always I share with you Russian version of this article. Called is ?. You can visit this page for the sake of interest. See you later in other article.

how to cheer up

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