How to Be Happy? How to Become Happy?

Author: Michail

Date: 2013-11-26

How to Be Happy? How to Become Happy?Hello readers of the site

All people in whole world are wondering How to Be Happy?. Russia has one interesting phrase, which sounds as: If you want be happy, then it! or If you want be happy, then be such!. All people in the world have one goal BE HAPPY. Unfortunately not everyone is become happy. In this article well understand WHY? When we identify the reasons, well understand how to become happy. Please, read this article attentively. It will not take long.

People dont become happy because they run for the happiness. They try catching happiness. In this case the happiness moving away from them. People who dont run for the happiness automatically become happy. You ask me WHY? I can say you that it is a paradox. People who are trying being happy become unhappy. The opposite case: people who dont try to be happy BECOME VERY HAPPY. In order to be happy you need to stop catching happiness. It is first rule be happy. You need cease strive to find and keep happiness.

How to Be Happy? How to Become Happy?

A really happy man is one who lives for today. Many people live for tomorrow. They only care about the future. Very hard be happy if you dont live for today. Many people say to themselves: When I become then Ill be happy or When I earn $ then Ill become happy. The present day doesnt play an important role for them. These people look only in the future. You can never be happy, if you live in the future.

There is a category of people who live in the past. These people look in the past time. They say to themselves: Earlier my life was amazing and now my life is awful or Earlier I was earning more money and now Im poor man, etc. Such thoughts are the same bug that previously version. Man lives by past time. Present day doesnt exist for him.

In order to be happy you ought to live in the present day. It is MAIN RULE to become happy.

Live in the present day

Favorite work makes people happy. I know it for myself. Many people in Russia do not work at their favorite work. It makes them unhappy. Statistics says that people 70% their time to spend on the job. If job is hateful man will be unhappy 70% of time. It is awful. If you want be happy you need find favorite work. Favorite work is the real happiness.

Stay close to friends and family. Nobody wants to be lonely, you know it. Loneliness is foe for happiness. Therefore I recommend you stay close to friends and family. Positive communication with positive people will make you happy. You can fall in love with someone. If you do this then youll real happy. Mainly for human happiness was a family favorite. Neither salary nor career did make man happy. Man may have a lot of money but he doesnt be happy if hes alone. True wealth is a favorite family and friends. Money is very good also, but it isnt first for happiness. You always might find friends in around.

Money also makes people happy. Without money man cant be happy, trust me. But money is the second. Why? Because if you have poor health, money and other treasures wont be important to you. In order to be happy you should not focus solely on money. Money is important in our life, but isnt first. Relations are more important.

I advise you get rest more. A recreation can make you happy. Many people forget about it. They hard work for a lot moneys sake and dont become happy. It is bad. Hard-work makes people angry and irritable. Happiness cant be together with irritability. Good stay destroys irritability. Man automatically becomes happy. I advise you temporarily forget about your goals and start enjoy this day. Such behavior helps be happy.

Live in the present day

And last advice sounds: be optimistic. Optimism helps to achieve happiness. Change options or settings in your head. Start looking at the world through other eyes. Just think about the good moments of your life and forget about the bad moments of your life. Forgiveness will help you forget about the bad events.

As always I beg your pardon for my bad English. I ask you to understand me and forgive me. As always I give you Russian version of this article. There is difference. Is called ?. Thank you so much. See you later.

how to be happy, how to become happy

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