How to Overcome Laziness?

Author: Michail

Date: 2013-11-21

How to Overcome Laziness?Hello readers of the site

I welcome you my dear reader! In this article well talk about laziness. How to overcome laziness? Laziness is a powerful force that often haunts people. Laziness prevents the achievement of goals. Many people would be much more successful than it is now, and theyd have more than they have right now. What were they prevented? YES! Of course laziness. If wouldnt be laziness then all people would be successful and rich.

What Causes Laziness?

Our body has a protective mechanism. This mechanism manifested in the form of laziness. Laziness protects us from heavy and unnecessary work. It is defensive reaction. After a long hard work your body activates this protective mechanism. The activation of this mechanism suggests that your body needs to replenish the lost energy. It is a natural laziness and it is normal.

No motivationThe second reason no motivation. You refuse to do anything because you realize that the implementation of any work you dont need. The third reason no discipline. This reason is the most common in Russian society. Man does all things awry. As a consequence it does not reach the desired result which leads to frustration. Then the man starts to be lazy.

And last reason DRAB. Man gets tired to perform the same work. This reason is laziness is most common. Everyone is faced with routine but not every cope with this situation. A routine drains out a energy of human. Person quickly gets tired and after he wishes nothing to do next.

How to Overcome Laziness?

Understanding the causes of laziness, we can answer the question How to Overcome Laziness?. For first reason you need get some rest. Human is not robot. He permanently need in a rest. You can sleep, walk in a forest, sit at home, etc. In other words be lazy with pleasure. It helps to fill energy. Find the time for doing nothing.

For second reason you need find motivation. If the target doesnt motivate you then you must eliminate it. I recommend you find some goal that will inspire you. If you do this then laziness wont appear more. Your real goal will always be to motivate and inspire you. Where there is motivation there is no room for laziness. Only your real goals motivate you.

RoutineHard to get rid of the routine. Routine exists in every human life. From the routine you cant hide. Routine must be overcome. To do this, you can do the usual things differently. For examples: you can go a different route to work, you can perform the usual work differently. In other words you must find new options for everyday tasks. New actions help you to get rid of routine. If you get rid of the routine then youll overcome laziness.

In order to motivate yourself you need to represent the end result of your work. Thoughts about the end result should inspire you. Then your laziness will disappear. Often think about what you will get at the end of the path. Such the action is a magic button. You must find it and press.

In order to overcome laziness you need eat right. If youll eat a lot then laziness will take unawares you. When the stomach is digesting food, in the human body starts the relaxation mechanism. At this moment comes laziness. Always eat small portions. Do not forget to use vitamins. Itll help you.

Sometimes the weather affects you. Gloomy weather makes you lazy. Weather always affects a persons mood. In this case, I suggest you go through this day. You may be happy to be lazy. Man does not affect the weather.

Try to get enough sleep. In the waking state it is easier to overcome laziness. Go to bed on time. In Russia a normal sleep is eight hours. Eight hours the body fully recuperates. Laziness is a sign of poor sleep. Control it.


Two years ago, I heard that Americans rank first out of laziness, second French, third I dont remember. Americans are the laziest and most successful people in the world. Laziness is not bad as it seems. Sometimes you need a lot of time to rest.

Thatll be all. Now you know how to overcome laziness. I beg your pardon for my funny English. Dont forget that Im from Russia. I have Russian version ?. Anyone interested can always read it. Thank you for your attention.

how to overcome laziness

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