How to Overcome Fear? 4 effective steps!

Author: Michail

Date: 2013-11-18

How to Overcome Fear?Hello readers of the site

In this article well again talk about fear. You can read previous article How to get rid of fear?. This article is called How to overcome fear?. Fears are different. You may afraid to fling, you may afraid of dark and heights. Some people are afraid of blood or some animals. For example: snakes, spiders. mice, cockroach and etcetera. Therefore well be talk about how to overcome any fear.

In the previous article, we found out that it is necessary:

  1. Just do it;
  2. Imagine the worst case scenario and accept it;
  3. To act at once.

Unlikely these methods help you to overcome fear of spiders or blood or something. Many people want know how to overcome fear of public speaking, how to overcome fear of driving, how to overcome fear of the dark. In these cases you need use other methods. About public speaking we spoke in previously article. Ok, lets get started.

How to Overcome Fear?

1 Analyze Your Fear.
Analiz fearEvery fear has its contours. You need to remember that arose as a result of this fear. Perhaps you are afraid of flying because many times seen in the news a plane crash. Perhaps you are afraid of darkness because seen many times in movies monsters that live in the dark. And now you think theyll eat you once you find yourself in the dark. Shortly speaking you need first write names all of your fears and then to analyze them.

For example: I afraid to fly because I many times seen in the news a plane crash and I afraid of heights. Fear of heights is innate fear. In the plane, I feel helpless because I cant do anything if something happens. My life and the lives of others are totally dependent on the plane and board members. I hate it. Im afraid to lose control on what is happening. You should do the same. Find the cause of fear.

2 Find a Refutation of Your Fears.
ProofYour fear may be an illusion in your head. Many things are not what they seem. For example: statistics says that the plane is the safest form of transport. I have heard it many times. Every day the world is a few hundred or even thousands of flights. One of them is broken plane every two years. Car accidents happen every day. I travel by car more often than by plane. This means that I risk a lot more. Im not afraid to travel by car, and then by plane to travel the more it is not necessary. Other example: you afraid of spiders. Why you must afraid them? They are smaller than you. It is they need to be afraid of you. After these realizations my fear became weaker. You should do the same. Find the refutation of your fears.

3 Go Towards Your Fears.
Parachute jumpIt is very difficult to do. In order to overcome fear you should go towards your fear. Is the most difficult, but effective way to overcome any fear. Why? Lets get example again. If I will often fly a plane, then after a while the fear will disappear. Through ten flights Ill understand that flying is not scary. Ill get used to flying. Do you understand me? Other example: I afraid of heights. In order to overcome the fear I have to meet this many times. I can climb a rope up, walk on stilts, parachute jump, etcetera. You should do the same. Go towards your fears.

4 Meet up With Your Fears in The Head.
FearsIn order to the third step was to make simpler to imagine your fears in your head. Imagining your fear in your own head a few times and after this procedure your fear weakens. Im constantly doing this procedure. Lie on your bed, close your eyes and start to image your main fear. Are you afraid of spiders? Then meet up with them in your head! Are you afraid to flying? Then begin to flying in your head. Your fear momentarily weakened. After this procedure you should do third step. And now I recommend you watch video How to Overcome Any Fear?. This video is very funny.

Well. I hope you understand me. Now you know what you should do in order to overcome any fear. I beg your pardon for my English. I ask you to understand me and forgive me. I have Russian version 9 . If you interesting more you can read the article using the translate Google. Thatll be all.

And remember! Many things are not as scary as we think to be.

how to overcome fear

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