How to Be Pretty and Beautiful?

Author: Michail

Date: 2013-11-17

How to Be Pretty and Beautiful?Hello readers of the site

Hello my foreign friends! In this article well be talk about beauty and pretty. Currently many women to wish know How to be pretty and beautiful?. In this article Ill tell you that do Russian women in order to be beautiful and pretty. Russian women have their secrets beauty and on this page Ill share with them. Whole world to talk Russian women are the most beautiful in the world. Dont believe it. It is no so. Perhaps in Moscow it is true. But in Nizhny Novgorod it is falls. Ok. Lets begin.

How to Be Beautiful?

You already know yourself what you should do first in order to become beautiful! What, you dont know? Well then I remind you. You have to start taking care of your body. It is first rule that you need observe. Slender body is the first sign of your beauty and pretty. For that you must get some exercise. You dont have to cabbage or run twenty miles every day to have a beautiful body. Would be enough if you to exercise thirty minutes a day. Russian women prefer yoga, swim and run in a park. These exercises are rather effective means to have beautiful body. If you cant exercise every day then exercise three times in week. Slim and slender body is very important in order to be pretty and beautiful.

How to Be Pretty and Beautiful?Many Russian women are chubby. They want to attract the attention of men but a plump figure does not allow them to do it. Men love eyes. In order to attract the attention of men you must have sexy body. Some exercise is not enough. Proper nutrition is the second rule to be beautiful and pretty. You heard it much times. In America many people eat fast food. I hear about it many times. Therefore in America 80% of people have excess weight. Russia has chubby women too, but not so much. They also eat fast food. Fast food in Russia is not as popular as in America.

If you want to be pretty and beautiful you should stop eating fast-food. Fast-food is harmful for your health and body. If you cant stop eating then you reduce your use this food. Beautiful Russian women eat seafood, vegetable and fruit. Sometimes they eat fast food, but within reasonable. Russian women are beauty and pretty because they are often exercise and eat seafood. Exercise and healthy eating help you get the perfect look.

How to Be Pretty?

Beauty lies not only in the sexual body. All women should take care of themselves. In order to be pretty necessary get hygiene. Woman attracted attention when she smells good, has beautiful hairstyle and dressed to kill. Many women forget about it. Apply makeup does not necessarily because beauty must be natural. Many women apply too much makeup. It looks terrible. Beautiful hairstyle and dressed and pleasant smell this is all that is needed to be pretty.

And now I will tell you the secret of attraction. The main secret of attraction is the smile. Many Russian women have a sexy body, beautiful clothes and hair, pleasant aroma, but their faces gloomy. Gloomy face never make women pretty. Smile is powerful weapon to attract attention. Look at the photo below and tell me what kind of girl do you like more? Which smiles or that gloomy?

Smile and gloom

I guess which smiles! If you really want to be pretty, you should smile always. This is the secret of pretty.

GaitBeautiful and confident gait accentuate your beauty. Learn to walk beautifully and confidently. Confidence has always attracted people. Confidence is reflected in gait. Many women walk like slaves the back curve, look down. That will not do for pretty and beauty. If you want to be beautiful and pretty you have to master the beautiful gait.

Lets summarize. In order to be beautiful and pretty you should have slender and sexy body, beautiful clothes and hairstyle, pleasant smell. But it will not help you if youre not beautiful smile. Smile should always be at you. Apply make-up within a reasonable. The natural appearance stronger than artificial appearance. And remember the confident and beautiful gait.

Thats all I wanted to tell you. I beg your pardon for my English. I ask you to understand me and forgive me. I have Russian version article ? . I hope I helped you. Thank you so much.

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