What Do Men Want?

Author: Michail

Date: 2013-11-14

What Do Men Want?Hello readers of the site www.worldmagik.com.

This article for women who wish know What Do Men Want?. The first article had wrote for men What Do Women Want?. If you woman then you can read the first article and below in comments write your opinion. And now I want to answer the question all women What Do Men Want?. Since I live in Russia, Ill tell about the Russian opinion. Russian women and men unlike American or Canada are very different. The difference is always there, because the mentality is different. Lets get started.

What Do Men Want?

Many women consider that men need only sex. Yes it is! Till 20-26 years old men are not serious relationship. Men dont want to have a serious relationship. In this age all men unlike women often think about sex. Dear women please dont be offended by men for such an attitude. Such is the nature of men. I know this fact by itself. Yes! I am man and I often think about sex. But I know that I dont want sex from women only. My age is 23 years. To a greater extent from the women I need a chic sex.


Men want sex only

Men over 30 years old to want love and care like all women. Why is this happening? Because mens priorities to change. Men as well as women want to feel their importance. They want to feel care and love. Dear ladies please do remember it. Respect your men. They need in this also. That is all about relationships.

All men unlike women are born to create something. If women are born to create a family, then men are born for creating something important. For women in the first place are the relationships. For men it is business, respect, success, money and so forth. Men are always competing against each other. Important for them to feel superior to others. Therefore so many men have a lot of work. They have a lot of sacrifice for the sake of success.

No criticismWhat Do Men Want else? You should know that men dislike criticism. Many Russian women forget about it. They are often critical of their men. Therefore men leave their wives. Men need support, not criticism. Women should help their men in achieve their goal. Occurs in most cases the opposite is true. In Russia, I often hear how women criticize their men. Theyre say them: You always were worse than other men or Youre a loser and will never earn more than now or Youre nothing can do even in a bed. These words dont motivate a man of success. Dont do so. Otherwise your man would leave you for another woman.

What Do Men Want else? Men are looking for energy. Energy lies in the support, approval, encouragement. Many women instead of helping their men, start hang their troubles (womens problems). Men have a lot of problems, and the women added it. Man wants to feel at ease next to a woman. But this is impossible if the woman is always complaining to him. She drains the energy from him. Men dont like women grumpy. You must to become the support for your man. Then he will love you more than ever. Remember it.

Next advice to question - What Do Men Want? All men love the eyes. All men love the beautiful and well-groomed women. The beauty of a woman lies in her slim figure. Currently slender woman is a rarity. In my country people with excess weight is 42%, in America is 68%. It is very many. If you become a slender woman, then all men will be yours. Because all men love the eyes and women love the ears.

Better sexMen need a posh sex. Men will never treason if in the bed all right. I was never pleased similar thoughts type: With whom I can have sex? I so badly want sex but dont know with whom I can do!. Such thoughts dont cause joy. Man wont treason. They neednt in this if in the bed all right. Give your man unforgettable sex. Then he always will be with you.

That is all what do men want. I beg your pardon for my English. Im from Russia and I ask you to understand me and forgive me. I have Russian version this article. The article called as ?. If you know Russian language then please read it.

Finally, let me remind you What Do Men Want? They want unforgettable sex, support, approval, encouragement and slender woman who will give them much energy. Love your man and be happy.

what do men want

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