How to Change Your Life?

Author: Michail

Date: 2014-04-15

How to Change Your Life?Hello readers of the site

In this article we will discuss How To Change Your Life For Better?. Doesnt matter how old you are. All people sooner or later ask themselves this question because people quickly get used to everything. Because of this all people start to feel bored. Even rich people want to change their life. The desire to change the life shows the discontents of current life. In this article we will discuss the reasons for this desire and ways to change your life.

I noticed that most people live their lives on autopilot. They live unconsciously as in deepest dream. Every days the same. The man get up from the bed at the usual time, take a shower, go to work, after that he finished his work, come home, does household chores, go to bed and after that day repeats again. People like robot that performs all operations on autopilot. People should be conscious in order to change their life. This rule is main rule. Any change begins with a conscious choice. To be conscious human means to be aware about everything that happens in the life. Now not a life is controlling you, and you to control life. I hope you understand me.

In order to change your life for better you should know what you want precisely. Most people complain of life and Express their discontent. Their focus is directed at the negative side of life. Your focus creates energy and energy creates your reality. A person creates his negative reality himself. In order to change your life you must know what to change. For example: Im not happy because Im single man. I can either complain about it, express discontent or I can think how I may be thinking how I can solve this problem. Second option allows me to change my life because Ill start act. Ill begin meet with women, read special books, to pass trainings at the pickup, etc. Eventually Ill find a girl and she would change my life for the better. If I continue to whine that I never change my life for better. Therefore right now write down all the items that will help you change your life. After that to try invent some plan for achieve these goals.

Of course you should act permanently. Changes in life do not happen in one day. Big change is result of many steps. It means that if you decided to change your life you must never give up. Suppose you decided to create your own business in order to earn more. Money help change a life. In order to create a profitable business you need to be able to do much. The construction of business can take a very long time. So you should be patient. Then sooner or later you will achieve your goal: build a business and start earning a lot of money to help you change your life.

OK. Im tired of write this article. So I used yandex.translater and translated my Russian article. To read this article further and dont be surprised strange language.

How to Change Your Life For the Better?

Answer me honestly You are afraid of change? If you answered YES, then you are not alone. The biggest fear that is experienced it is fear of the unknown. It is this fear prevents us to change their life for the better. Like we are ready to take the first step on the way to a new life, but something we strongly disturbs, something keeps us. And keep us no circumstances and not the problem and self-doubt. While we hesitate, yet we doubt that the clock is ticking, and time keeps moving forward. Years pass, and our life is the same.

I rehearsed in the theater, and there was one person. His words hit me in the ear. He said my teacher: Nothing changesnife; only the years are flying. And my teacher was agreed with him. Here then I thought about this question How to change your life for the better?. Yes if not for the best, then just change.

Answer me the following question: If your life nothing changes, then whos to blame? I certainly dont blame you, but I am sure that all change starts with the individual. Think about it, if you embed the new habits, philosophy, preferences, self-perception, traits, your life will change automatically. Why? Because you will become a different person and will start to behave in a completely different way. You will be differently to communicate, you will have other Hobbies, new Hobbies, new friends, and so on.

How we behave? We behave like programmed robots, and it must be understood in a literal sense. Every day, every day we are doing exactly the same thing, we think about the same thing, our attitudes and beliefs limit us, and do not allow us to do something new. But the greatest happiness is to change. It changes give us new impressions and emotions.

To change life for the better, you should know exactly what you want. Answer the question: What do I want?. Many on this question are experiencing constipation in the brain. They begin with the words: You know I have this situation... or start talking about their problems. After listening to these people for ten minutes and you do not understand what they want. But they know what they dont want.

How can a person changes his lifestyle if he focused on solving problems which was invented himself. If he has no cursor or landmark how would he act then? No way. So, if you belong to the same category, then start to identify your desires. Do not hesitate to admit their desires. So what if theyre huge and chimerical. We have all of these desires, but most of them then refuse, as they do not know how to achieve them or against them someone laughed. Therefore, know what you want this is the first and most important step to change your life for the better.

Further, as I mentioned above, you need to change yourself, and for that you need change your habits. You must destroy their old programs, and to establish new useful habits. To build new habits rather complicated process. It may take a lot of time. Therefore, the simplest and most important step to change your life will become change your appearance.

Changing your appearance, you change yourself. If you have extra pounds, then its time to get rid of them. Starting to get rid of extra pounds, you will begin to change their habits, and therefore his life. If you lay on the couch with a beer and chips in his hands in front of the TV, now you will begin to go to the gym. Heres the first change for the better. In the gym you can meet interesting people who will become your friends and who will help you in a meaningful matter for you.

You can change your appearance, not only by removing the extra pounds. What about the image? You can change your hairstyle, clothing style, manner of behavior. Changing the appearance you are not aware starts to behave differently. Yes, your behavior will change even when you change hair color. And if you change your nature, means, and your life will change. Dont be afraid to experiment with your appearance. Are unsuccessful experiments, but this is the price change life for the better.

Now, with the first two steps for changing your life you learnt. The third way is to find a new occupation. While you do the same thing, the changes can forget. You know that the same thing is annoying, and a new job brings new experiences. I know many will say that they have no time. This is all the excuses. Who says so, really has no desire. Answer the question, if you had the time in excess, what would you do? Perhaps you would like to start a business, or to find other work, and can learn a new profession or to learn a foreign language?

If you are not satisfied with current job, dont be afraid to throw it. Searching for a new job it as an adventure, without rapid and good emotions cannot do. And in the summer where you relax? Still fly to Turkey? Yes, a misfortune! Why not in Spain, in Barcelona? And even China will not visit? You are not bored with the Turkey, which are no more impressions? I understand that everything is already familiar to flys OK, because everyone already knows, but emotions are not as strong. Visiting another place, you, first, do not, as usual, and secondly, get a lot of positive emotions from the new holiday home.

The fourth important point to change your life for the better is your financial stability and good income. Many say that would change his life, if I had money. Then answer me the question are you ready to accept your reality huge amount of money? To want is one thing, and quite another to take. Now if you for some reason there is no money, there clearly is the indoor unit. Like a man says, I want 1000000 rubles a month, but inside he feels fear and unwillingness to hold such money. Even if he will get the same amount, then he quickly it will spend to return to their comfort zone.

Money plays a vital role in our life and thanks to the money we can change your life drastically. Comes in our lives those things that we can take. To change the financial situation I advise you to resort to the next exercise.

On a piece of paper, write down your monthly income. Look closely at this number and fix the emotions that you experience. Do you think it great? Hardly!!! Because it is your comfort zone.

Now add to this figure of 10,000. And now what are you feeling? If the same thing, add another 10 000. Do so until then, until you feel the internal resistance. This figure will stay, and dont move until then, until your mind and soul will not get used to this figure, while you will not perceive it the same way as the first.

The secret of this exercise lies in the fact that it affects the subconscious mind. This way you open up the money channel.

The intention is the main secret of life changes. You should not simply want to change your life you must act. Set a goal and go to him like a bullet. Dont be afraid to make mistakes, we are entitled to it, do not be afraid overworked, do not take to heart criticism; just move your planned route. And all you have to have exactly the way you want.

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