How to Solve Problems? How to Find Solutions to Problem?

Author: Michail

Date: 2014-03-29

How to Solve Problems? How to Find Solutions to Problem?Hello readers of the site

All people in our big world have their troubles. This is commonly called the problem. In this article we will discuss theme: How to Solve Problems? or How to Find Solutions to Problem?. I noticed that people divide into two categories:

  1. People who can find solution and solve their problems;
  2. People who can only whine when problems occur.

There exists something mid between these categories but we wont talk about this category. I will try to explain what better do in order to solve any problem quickly. Ok, stop talking and lets get started.

How to Solve Problems?

Before starts to solve the problem you must turn a problem into a task. It is first rule and this very important. Why is it very important rule? What sounds better: Solve problem or Solve the task? Word problem creates negative association in your brain. Many people start nervous when problem occur or when they hear phrase: We have problems. Word problem causes panic.

What about task? All people solved tasks while they were studying at school. We do know that every task has a solution. And when we use the word task our brain begins to find a solution. Association about word task is quite another and better than word problem. People are more like to solve tasks than the problem. It is the fact. And every time when problem occurs just turn it into task.

Next step is to be calm. You can read article How to Calm Down? How to Be Calm?. This step is very very very important for solve problem. I always say that power in calmness. Only in a relaxed state, you can find an effective solution to the problem. I think I dont need explain this theory. You noticed this yourself.

Its like in a quarrel. If two opponents will shout at each other then they will not reach the truce. It means their problem will be not solved. But if one opponent will be calm then he will be able to infect his calmness of another screaming opponent. In this case theyll find compromise and problem will be solved. Calmness is a sober state and emotionalism is drunken state. You know when a person is sober he may control himself and opposite; when a person is drunk he cant control himself. You always must be calm when the problem occurs. Only in this state you can find effective solution to problem.

How to Find Solutions to Problem?

Next step will help you to find a solution to any problem. Russian name: . It is verbatim translated as Method of Automatic Writing. The essence of this method consists in the following: you have to take pure piece of paper and write question. For example: How can I increase sales in my company?. After that you must write all idea which occurs in your head even the most stupid. Dont worry about it. You have to write quickly as possible. This method can take 1-2 hours. It depends on you and your situation. This method gives the opportunity to be outside of the workings of your mind.

Well. I would like warn you about something. In order to solve problem you must try several options. The solution of some problems require a lot of time. Do you remember story about Thomas Edison and his electric light bulb? He tried to create electric light bulb many times. I want you to realize that some problems cant be solved at the first attempt. For the same example: How can I increase sales in my company?. In this case a person can try many options and wont achieve the right result. I mean that you should be persistent when you solve problem.

There is another way of solving problems. Many people just temporarily forget about their problem. And paradoxically, their problem is solved by itself. It happened with me many times. Besides when you release your problem you become calm. As I said above: state of calmness helps you solve your problem. So, if you can then just forget about your problem. Let it resolve by itself.

Dont be afraid to ask for help from other people. I noticed that many people have pride when they say: I will do everything myself. Switch off this option. All people occasionally need help. Just admit it. If you need help in solving your problems and you know the person who can help you to solve the problem, then ask him to do it for you. Dont be shy.

Well thats it. I told you about the most powerful instruments to be calm. Sorry for my English. I learn it every day. I wish you good luck and calmness. If you please you can leave some comments below this article.Of course you can seek help from professionals. They exist in order to help people. They have the experience and knowledge.

So I shared with you my opinion. You can leave your humble opinion on questions: How to Solve Problems? or How to Find Solutions to Problem?. Thanks for attention.

how to solve problems, how to find solutions to problem

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