How to Calm Down? How to Be Calm?

Author: Michail

Date: 2014-03-26

How to Calm Down? How to Be Calm?Hello readers of the site

Its time to talk about calmness. Of course you can read article: How to Relieve Stress? Get Answer Right Now!. In that article there are useful tips that will help you to solve this issue. But here you will find new tips which will help you to be calm. Be calm is very important habit. I always tell: Power in calmness. I found a confirmation of this statement many times. Calm person always is stronger than a restless person. Ill explain that below. Just read it.

What is calmness? Can you explain that yourself? Ok. In my opinion calmness is a good internal condition of the person. This condition always gives person advantages. Why? I noticed that I much easier to solve problems when Im in a calm condition. Calm mind helps me to easily find the right solutions. I can hear my intuition. Intuition can be heard when you are calm. Intuition is always knows what you need to do in order to solve the problem.

Calmness helps to gain control over you. Either you control your emotions or do they control you. Calmness helps build relationships with other people. Why? Because calm person focus on other people, listen to them, feel them, intuitively knows what to say. Simply put: calm person is attentive man. And opposite: restless man does vice versa. He cant feel other people because he overwhelmed with emotions. And these emotions make him inattentive and angry. Thats why calm person has advantages in front restless person.

How to Calm Down or How to Be Calm?

There are interesting questions: How to Calm Down or How to Be Calm? Well. I advise you to read article What is Meditation and How to Meditate Properly?. Meditation is the key to calmness (peace). And this advice is number one. If you want to achieve your goal (be calm) then you should follow this advice. I wont tell about meditation and its properties because I gave you article. Just read it and follow.

For some people I recommend change their job if it is possible. Research has shown that the main causes of stress are their work and the bosses. You can read article: How to Relive Stress?. After that youll reveal something interesting about stress. I know what does mean to do unloved things. It really irritates, make unhappy. And if your job is source of your pain then you must change it. I became happy when I found my favorite job. Of course I became calm because my job pleases me every day. If it is possible then do this. It is for the sake of your own good.

Next advice: spend more time alone with yourself. If you want you can take a bath, go to sleep, walk alone, stay in the room alone, etc. As Eminem said in his song: Beautiful: Everybody has a private where they can be alone. Loneliness helps people to be calm. Loneliness is good in moderation. Also I advise you temporarily stop listening to heavy metal music. Metal music creates chaos in your head and it does not make you calm. Your brains too should rest. Your calm state depends on your brain. Meditation helps calm down your brain. It would be better if you will listen to quiet music.

Change the attitude towards the world. Im talking about the perception of this world. In fact, many things are not important to people. But people are constantly upset over nothing. Why is this happening? Because person is an emotional creature. We humans tend to worry about anything. Thats why we cant be calm. If you realize that many things are not important for you in this life then you will become calm. You can do this quite simply. Just suppose; you had a negative event. For example: you broke up with a guy. Of course you start cry, suffer about it. Then ask yourself: Would be whether it for me important one year later?.

If you dont know the answer I suggest you do another exercise. Try to remember any negative event that happened to you in the past. Maybe it was six months ago. Ask yourself: Now this event offends me on an emotional level?. Im sure that no because its not important for you at the moment. Defiantly you forgot about this event. This exercise will make you calmer person. You stop to worry about nothing.

You need to exercise. Sport has a magical property: helps relieve stress. Have you ever after exercise felt aggression? I think no because you were tired after intensive exercise. I like walking in the saunas after exercise. It complements. The more you exercise the calmer you become. Physical fatigue makes a person calm.

Well thats it. I told you about the most powerful instruments to be calm. Sorry for my English. I learn it every day. I wish you good luck and calmness. If you please you can leave some comments below this article.

How to Calm Down, How to Be Calm

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