What Is A Leader? How to Be Leader?

Author: Michail

Date: 2014-03-23

What Is A Leader? How to Be Leader?Hello readers of the site www.worldmagik.com.

In this page well discuss about leadership. Already many books have been written on this topic but I want to remind you about it in short form. The questions are as:

  1. What is a Leader?
  2. and

  3. How to Be Leader?

To understand how to become a leader first need to understand what is a leader. What is leader is first question that we answer. Ill tell you about the main character traits are inherent leader. Lets get started.

What Is A Leader?

How do you think: Who is a leader? Majority of people answer that: Ladder is the person who leads the people. Yes!!! It is correct statement. Also many people think that leader is endowed with leadership qualities and these qualities are innate. Partly, this is true. Watching people, I understand that not all born to be leaders. Many people dont need it. People are divided into two categories: leading and slaves. Leading is far less than the slaves. I think that it should be because two tiger cant live on Single Mountain.

Great IdeaThe leader always has a super-idea or super-task. This idea is very large and at first glance seems unattainable. Leaders have big goals because they are always ambitious. Many ordinary people think they are crazy and twist a finger to his temple. Leaders are able to evoke desire in others, and they begin to follow them. Not many people can get other people to believe in their idea. This can only leaders because they can motivate them.

Yes! This is not a typo. Leaders may motivate people, evoke desire inside them. To achieve this person should talk nicely. Unfortunately many leaders start to lie to achieve their main goal. They only promise them a fabulous life. People start to follow them but fabulous life remains a dream. Such leaders use people for their own selfish purposes. They are the leaders of fake. The true leaders are few in our world.

How to Be Leader?

You must understand that to be a leader means to take responsibility for other peoples lives. Are you ready to take this responsibility? If YES it means you are ready to be leader. Also it is necessary to answer the question: Why do you want to become a leader?. Write at least 7 reasons why do you want be leader?

After that you should start to develop leader skills. What are leader skills do you know? Can you list them? If not then you have to start to read books on leadership. I will try to list only some of them. In my opinion every leader should be honest with people. This rule is very important. People only follow those leaders who are honest with them. Nobody likes crooks and liars. Leadership begins with pure intentions. Follow this rule.

LeaderYou have probably noticed that all the leaders are self-confident. Ive written articles: How to build self-confidence? Help for insecure people and What is Self-Esteem? How to Build Self-Esteem?. People always intuitively follow confident personalities. Why? Would you trust in uncertain man? Would you trust your life such person? I think no and I will right. Therefore you must begin to develop your confidence. Confidence will come in handy when you will be on stage in front of an audience.

What else can do leader? All leaders can speak eloquently. All leaders are publicly and during the public speaking they must make a good first impression on their potential followers. Competent and beautiful speech is a great tool to inspire the person. Speech of leader must be convincing and clear. It shows the level of human confidence ideas. I think you will agree with me.

The appearance is another important indicator of leadership. Every leader must take care of their appearance. There is a Russian proverb: Meet on clothes and escorted to the mind. You must have noticed that the true leaders are always well dressed. Follow this rule.

Real leader never gives up. To be leader is difficult task. A man gets a lot of rejection, is faced with serious difficulties, fails again and again. And in such situations it is important not to give up. Only in these situations you can bring up leadership skills.

LeaderAbout other leadership skills you may find in special books. Currently, the Internet is full of such books. And Im sure youve read these books many times. Main thing is the practice instead of theory. If you want to be leader then answer the question: What have you done to achieve this goal?. Are you practician or theorist? Only practice helps you to achieve your main goal, only acts help you to become leader. That is all.

I hope my article helped you to realize what is a leader and how to be leader. I apologize for my English. I hope you know that Im from Russia and my native language is Russian. I wait your any comments below the article.

What Is A Leader, How to Be Leader, Who is leader

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