What is Sense of Humor? How to Improve Sense of Humor?

Author: Michail

Date: 2014-03-19

What is Sense of Humor? How to Improve Sense of Humor?Hello readers of the site www.worldmagik.com.

Hello my readers. In this article Ill tell you how to develop your sense of humor. Also Ill tell you why you need to have a sense of humor. Perhaps some of you even dont know what sense of humor is. Such people I will enlighten them. Sense of humor is very important for building relationships and life in general. That is why I decided write this article. Ok. I reckon that enough for introduction. Lets get started.

What is Sense of Humor?

First we must answer for simple question: What is Sense of Humor?. How do you think, what is that? I think sense of humor is positive character trait of person which helps him to build relationship, be number one in the company of people. Sense of humor can help to resolve the conflict, relieve stress interlocutor. How? Just one good joke and all people become happy. May be you have such experience. I have. When I swore with my girlfriend or mother, during quarrel I used jokes in order to relieve stress with my companion. This way reduces conflict and my companion has ceased to be angry.

Soul of the groupSense of humor helps you to become number one in any company. You will enjoy popularity among girls if youre a guy and to engage men if you girl. In Russia such persons are called Soul of The People Group. People with sense of humor is always visible and always in sight. They are always welcome. Sense of humor is amazing skill.

Sense of humor is possible to develop. And if you want to do this, read this article further. All people are different. Someone will quickly develop this skill and someone slowly. Besides, I must warn you. Sense of humor may be black (unsuccessful). And when you begin to practice you can make mistake. Dont be worry about it. Majority of people forget about bad jokes in a minute.

How to Improve Sense of Humor?

Ok! Now lets proceed to the practical part. The first thing I recommend is to watch Comedy shows. The more you watch these shows are the better for you because you are filling with humorous images. These images tend to occur in the head in a concrete situation. For example: I want to sleep said my classmate. With whom? I asked her. And this joke made laugh her. Alone!!! she replied. Second example in my life: Ill go to the toilet, and you continue to rehearse said my teacher acting. Ok, go and do (make) splatter I said. Again it was funny. Unfortunately I dont know how it sounds in your language. Im Russian person and I cant joke in your language.

Read funny articleAs I see you must watch comedy show a lot, read comedy book, different jokes, etc. All of this develops your sense of humor. This method works as topping up your Arsenal jokes. The completion of this Arsenal can take a long time. But it is worth it. Keep follow this advice and sooner or later you will achieve your goal.

Of course every person needs in practice a lot. For that you have be joking as often as possible. This is most easily done in the company of friends. In the company of the best friends you feel relaxed and free. You know them and they know you. If you are not kidding successfully as they will not be offended at you. Joking as often as possible and not worrying about the quality jokes.

There is one important rule for the ability to joke. It is relaxed stay in your brain. If you will be in tension then a good joke will never appear in your brain. Good jokes appear spontaneously then when you dont intend to joke. When you are a relaxed state at any time in your head you may appear the correct image to jokes. Similar is happening with me. I call this Diarrhea Funny Jokes. Sometimes I cant stop myself. You need to be careful.

I advise you to stay with such people who know how to joke. When you are in the circle of such people you automatically become as they. It is not secret. If you have the desire you can compete with these people in inventing jokes. Only dont fight if you will be loser in this competition. It will not funny.

The following advice: imagine yourself funny. You can do this when you go to sleep. I mean when you fall asleep. At this point make a funny image of yourself in your imagination. Start to joke in your imagination. With repetition you will create a new model of behavior. And this behavior will work for you always.

Good moodAnd last advice which I want to give you is always being cheerful. You will not always be fun but in most cases will. Good mood helps good joke. Do you agree with me? In a bad mood appear bad jokes which can annoy someone. Read article: How to cheer up?.

That will be all. I hope that I helped you. I wait from you some comments. You can spell it below of this article in special form. Thank you for attention and good luck.

What is Sense of Humor, How to Improve Sense of Humor, How to Develop Sense of Humor

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