What is Stress? Causes of Stress

Author: Michail

Date: 2014-02-04

What is Stress? Causes of StressHello readers of the site www.worldmagik.com.

In this article well discuss stress and causes of stress. We will not talk about how to get rid of stress. You can get such answer in article: How to relieve stress?. What is stress and what are causes of stress there are? Lets get started discuss.

What is Stress?

How do you think what is stress? Usually first I give the reader the opportunity to answer yourself this question. First try to answer yourself and after read my statement. Have you done it? Ok!

Stress is negative feeling which appears due to nerves, tense anxiety, failures or troubles. Every person in the modern world is exposed to stress. The person may experience stress without reasons. For example: when a person is bored, nothing to do or just not in the mood. Stress is an integral part of human life. We cant avoid stress. A person is surrounded by reasons for stress. Even a small trouble can become reason for stress. For example: miss a bus, late for work, skipping lunch, etc. Everything depends on our reaction. I feel stress when standing in a long queue or for a long time waiting for the bus or due to bad weather.

Stress tells us that somethings wrong. Therefore, the stress is not considered something terrible. Stress makes us think over our lives, forcing us to find new ways, to extend our boundaries. Stress is norm of life. Lets talk about stress symptoms. There are many symptoms of stress but we consider the main ones.

Symptoms Stress

  • A person constantly experiences the feeling of irritability or depression, and that he feels for without reason;
  • A person suffers insomnia and he cant sleep;
  • A person is in a state of depression, he feels physical weakness, headache, fatigue, unwillingness to do anything;
  • A person has reduced attention and this interferes for works and learns;
  • A person cant relax;
  • A person has no interest in the people around him, even in regard the best friends and relatives;
  • A person feels the desire to cry. He feels longing, pessimism and he feels self-pity;
  • Person has no appetite. Sometimes, on the contrary: the excessive food intake.

These are the main symptoms of stress and if you are now under stress, it means only one thing: your body reacted to some external stimulus. And now lets look at the main causes of stress.

Causes of Stress

As I said above; modern people are surrounded by stress. Stress often attack humans. Even the usual boredom can be a major cause of stress. Stress occurs because of the negative situations. You know about it. And such negative situations you might meet at work. Work is the main cause of stress. Almost all people do not like to go to work, their bosses, subordinates, routine work and etc. Some people hate their capricious customers because they are hard to please, difficult to agree with them. Because of this stress occurs. Traffic jam is big problem which makes people nervous. Crowd is also cause of stress.

Here are some causes of stress:

Death of a spouse
The death of a close family member
Serious illness or injury
Long stay spouses separately
Unemployed for more than 6 months
Loneliness (persons living alone)
Department of a family member
Participation in hostilities
Change in the health
Alcoholism, drug addiction of family member
Serious sexual difficulties
The appearance of a new family member
Serious disputes between relatives
Delay in salary more than 6 months
Changes in financial position
Death of a close friend
Change of profession or employment
A significant increase in marital quarrels
The debt exceeding the annual income
Connection spouses 6 months after separation
Cohabitation of the spouses after divorce
Avoidance of military service
Spouse starts or stops working
Moving to another city
Changing significant habits
Problems with the head
Constant conflicts with neighbors
Change of conditions of work
Moving to a new apartment
The transition to a new institution
Debt not to exceed the annual income
Changing habits related with sleep
Changes in the number of family meetings (long-term)
Changing the habits associated with food (long-term)
Persistent violation of the law

Reasons for stress are countless. That is why you cant avoid stress. You can only reduce its impact. Much depends on the perception of a situation. You may become angry or you ignore some situation. You have choice.

Well. Now you know what is stress and causes of stress. Even I told you about symptoms stress but I didnt plan though. I know Ive bad English. Some things look funny and strange. I know it about it. I from Russia and I dont know English well. I feel stress. Lack of English language does not stop me, and I keep for you to write. I need your support, please leave some comments below. Thanks for let me share.

What is Stress, Causes of Stress, Symptoms Stress

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