How to Relieve Stress? Get Answer Right Now!

Author: Michail

Date: 2014-01-28

How to relieve stress?Hello readers of the site

Topic of this page: How to Relive Stress?. If you dont know what is stress; read article What is stress?. In this article I will list the best ways that will help you calm down immediately. Some of them you already know. There is a Russian proverb: Repetition is the mother of learning. Please do not close this page, if you find well-known methods. Many people know how to do something but dont do this. Please promise me that after reading this article you will be using descriptive methods. There is a big difference between knowing and doing. Lets get started.

How to Relieve Stress?

Recognize cause of stressThe best way to relieve stress is meditation. I know that you know about this way as well as I. Unfortunately many people dont know how to meditate properly. Thats way I have written article about meditation. Read this article here. I miss this way and Ill go further. When you are attacked by stress; the first thing you have to do it is recognize your stress. You should understand the reason for stress. Find the cause of the problem means half to solve it. Answer the question: what is irritating you right now? May be it is noise outside; some dissatisfaction; something unpleasant happened with you; etc. Eliminate the cause of the stress after you found it. For example: if you feel unsatisfied, you can resolve this reason if eat chocolate. If you are irritated by the noise outside, you can fill your bathtub with warm water and enjoy the silence in your bathroom.

Warm bathWarm bath is the great way to relieve stress. When was the last time you took a warm bath? I have no bathtub, I have only shower. But I remember and know that a warm bath helps to relax deeply. Warm bath helps for meditation. The second method is to change the environment. For example I love to walk in the Park, sit near the shore and watch the river flow. You need to be close with nature because it helps calm down.

I like go to gym. Exercises help throw out all negative. After exercises I go to the swimming pool. There have sauna and two baths. All this helps me to relax and relieve stress. I advise you also to visit gym when you feel bad. Read articles: How to cheer up? and How to overcome depression and sadness?. There have much useful information that can help you relieve stress. I love to get massage. Message is remarkable thing for the deepest relax and relieve stress quickly.

The next way is stop anxious thinking. For this you have to breathe. Please, concentrate on your breathing; inhale and exhale through your nose. Such practice helps forget about bat thoughts. You can read article: How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts? 7 The Best Ways?. It is bad thoughts hinder you to relieve your stress. Breathing practice helps reduce the impact of the attacks stress. Watch video bellow:

Listen to some music also helps you relieve stress. You can use this way, but I recommend you to be in silence. In order to relieve stress you need to calm down completely. Music just distracts you from your problems. Music is not helps to relieve stress completely. After listening of music your mood again may deteriorate. We need to solve problems and not to avoid them. Keep your mind in silence. I dont forbid you listen to music.

Sleep deeplySleep is the best medicine for stress. I always feel good after a deep sleep. Sleep can be given 40 minutes. This will be enough to feel good. Your body must be recharge and refresh. Never sacrifice full sleep. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Try to get seven-nine hours of sleep on a nightly basis. Sleep is very important aspect of health.

You can eliminate stress of one Cup of green tea. It is work for me. When I feel bad I go to the kitchen and make green tea. I just drank a Cup of green tea. I love beverage Lipton with lemon. Beverage Lipton is my antidepressant. I drink this tea often. Many Russian people drink alcohol but I drink only Lipton or green tea. It is very nice way to relieve stress. Try it.

Cuddle up often as possible. Research have shown that permanent cuddling, kissing, and sex all release oxytocin - a hormone that produces happiness and reduces stress. By the way, read article: How to be happy?. If you do not have a relationship, you can squeeze your pet. Your pet will be happy with this.

Just wait. Any emotion has a beginning and an end. If you are feeling bad right now later you may feel better than now. Sometimes I feel bad in the morning but when evening comes I feel great. It happens because I love darkness. Morning the weather in Russia is usually grey. I hate black and grey days. When evening comes then grayness disappears. Sometimes the opposite but it is rarely.

RelaxThe last way is to distract from the causes of stress. You can listen to music, get outside, watch interesting films and cartoon, dance, talk with friend, enjoy a hobby, etc. This way always works but dont forget solve your problem. Perhaps you have to change your job in order to relieve stress. Do not delay the solution of problems for later.

Ok. You learnt about the best way how to relieve stress. Apply at least one. That will be all. I apologize for my English. I know that is terrible but I hope you understand me. Please write some comments about this article. Your participation is very important for me. Thank you my dear reader.

How to Relieve Stress

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