How To Get Rid Of Fear?

Author: Michail

Date: 2013-11-13

How to get rid of fear?Hello readers of the site

In this article I tell you about fear, what is it and how to get rid of fear? Since Im from Russia, in my country a lot of people ask this question. Fear is powerful tool that stop us in any business. For example: a guy is afraid to meet with a girl or man is afraid to open business. Some people are afraid to public speaking. Many people are afraid to fly. Fear stops us everywhere. Due to the fear we are there where we were yesterday, last week, last month and last year ago. Were not moving forward in life. We just sit in one point. Therefore we must know the answer for a question that sounds How to get rid of fear?. Otherwise you will miss a lot in life. Lets get started.

What Fear Is?

Fear is a strong negative emotion that causes a person to run or hide from threat. People are always running away from pain to pleasure. It is our nature. Fear is a guard that does not allow us to step forward. Fear prevents us to reach new heights. And until we get rid of fear well stand in the same spot on which stood yesterday. Understand the importance of this.

How To Get Rid Of Fear?

The first method JUST DO IT.
just_do_itSometimes in order to get rid of fear we have to overcome this unpleasant sensation and just do it. For example: You are afraid to get acquainted with a girl who you like. While youre waiting and shaking with fear somebody quietly come to her and get to know. Then they will meet, and you will be still one. You had to just go and meet. Perhaps then you had the girlfriend.

Other example: Youre afraid to fly. Due to fear of flying on a plane you did not see many exotic countries, have not received new experiences and memories. Life is monotonous and grey, nothing new, only same every day. If you have overcome your fear then you would have seen new a lot. Therefore I call the fear of the guard. It was he who does not give us the go ahead. JUST DO IT.

Back to the first example, when you are afraid to get acquainted with a girl who you like. Before you come and get to know this girl, in your head to imagine the worst case scenario. Maybe she will not talk to you about or ignores you or something else. Then you need accept such facts. You should be ready that this will happen. When you are ready to happen to negative scenario then your fear disappears.

Afraid to public speakingOther example: You are afraid to public speaking. You are afraid of being disgraced on stage (scene). Before the public speaking you need to imagine the worst case scenario. Perhaps someone will throw tomatoes and eggs at you, or you will forget the some words and you will be ashamed. You need accept these facts and go forward. Then your fear will disappear. If you dont completely go away, it will be weaker. Go further.

Third method TO BE RESOLUTE.
Fear and doubt as two siblings. Fear doesnt exist without a doubt as well as doubts exist without a fear. You need to be a determined man. You must learn to make decisions quickly and do it at once. Doubt has the ability to sneak up quietly. If the person hesitates and does not act immediately, then a doubt turns to fear. While smart person thinks, at this time a stupid man is doing.

doubtsTake the example. One person cant make a decision quickly. While one person thinks: Whether he should start a business or not, other person doing. While one person doubted, other person doing. While one person analyzes all facts, other person quickly makes decisions and doing. Doubts creep in a time when people have been slow in taking decisions. Doubt is collected and later turned into fear. If youre up to something then proceed immediately. When you act quickly, your fears and doubts dont have time to have you.

It was three methods to get rid of fear. I beg your pardon for my English. I ask you to understand me and forgive me. The article How to get rid of fear is finished. You always can ask questions below in comments. Ill wait it. See you later in next articles. Good luck.

In order to get rid of your fear, you need:

  1. Just do it;
  2. Imagine the worst case scenario and accept it;
  3. To act at once.

On the Russian site has a whole section dedicated to the issue How to get rid of fear. On Russian it sounds so ?. If you know Russian language then you can read them.

how to get rid of fear

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