What is Meditation and How to Meditate Properly?

Author: Michail

Date: 2014-01-23

What is Meditation and How to Meditate Properly?Hello readers of the site www.worldmagik.com.

In this article I will give you the answers to two questions:

  1. What is meditation? I will tell you what is, and I will tell you why you need to meditate i.e. I will enumerate basic causes. Of course I will tell you what you will gain if you will meditate, what are benefits youll get.
  2. How to Meditate Properly? In order to get good results you need to meditate properly. It is main rule. I will tell you how to meditate properly and I shall dispel some myths. Get ready, Ill be interesting.

What is Meditation?

Meditation it is powerful technique for profoundest relaxation. Meditation it is tranquility, the state of serenity and no emotion. Meditation it is a way to communicate with your subconscious mind for solve problem. Meditation is the best way to understand yourself.

What is the purpose of meditation? Many people cant understand what is the purpose of meditation? They reckon that meditation is vain waste of time. I used to think also. When I started meditate I understood that I made mistake about this. Why? I try to explain below.

If you have hard work it means you must meditate. Why? Because meditate helps to overcome depression and sadness; Meditate helps to relieve stress. In the next article I will tell about how to relive stress and I will tell about meditation as the best way for this. Meditate helps to synchronize the work of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. What will give synchronization of both hemispheres of the brain? Youll be calm, focused, much better will generate new ideas, solve problems more effectively. If you have hard and overtime work you need to meditate. Just believe me.

Meditation it is trance. In a state of trance people can find creative ideas, ingenious ways to solve problems, gain answers for interested questions and even foresee the future. Meditation it is contact with universe and subconscious mind. It sounds great. In order to achieve such results you should frequently and correctly practice. Meditation helps to make reprogram subconscious mind, i.e. change your beliefs. I reckon that you know that from your beliefs depend will your life. Do you see now what benefits you get from meditation? Ok, move to the next question.

How to Meditate Properly?

There are some stable rules of meditation: lotus posture, inhale air through your nose and exhale through the mouth, do it in nature. Good but Im suggesting other ways that will be more comfortable for you.

First, forget about lotus pose. The position of Lotus forces to strain your back, additionally back starts hurt when a person tries to keep your back straight. During meditation your body should be completely relaxed, every muscle, every fiber. The Lotus position does not give possibility to do it. Instead lotus pose just lie on your bed as you wish, close your eyes and just relax. Try to keep your mind empty. Try to get rid of any thoughts. This will help you countdown from 10 to 0. When you count down the numbers, do not forget to submit them in mind. Repeat this procedure three times. After this your mind will empty.

For more in-depth entering into a trance and purification of the mind, you should start to concentrate on certain parts of the body. Usually I advise to start focusing with skin of head. What do you feel in this part of the body? Try to concentrate 3-5 minutes. After this try to focus on your ears same time, then on the neck, chest and toes. You are deeply immersed in yourself after execution. This state is a meditative state.

Except sensations on parts of the body as well you can concentrate on inhaling and exhaling. Focus on anything in particular helps to clear the mind. A purified mind from thoughts helps you to reach alpha frequency. A human brain operates on different frequencies: beta, alpha, teta, delta, gamma.

Beta it is state of consciousness, alpha it is drowse, other frequencies it is deep sleep. Alpha level is our main goal. In this state you can reprogram consciousness, to rewrite your fate, change the beliefs, ideas, get inside, and solve problems.

For more comfortable and enjoyable self-absorbed I have prepared for you five audio-meditations. Just put on your headphones and press play.

Sound 1

Sound 2

Sound 3

Sound 4

Sound 5

Meditation it is very simply than it seems. Please dont forget close your eyes because when your eyes are open you cant achieve alpha level. Why? Open eyes always keep your mind on beta level. Always close your eyes before meditation.

That is all. I apologize for my weird English. In this article we learnt about what is meditation, what is benefits meditation gives, why you must meditation, how to meditate property and something else that I dont know.

What is Meditation, How to Meditate Properly

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