How to Be Optimistic and Positive?

Author: Michail

Date: 2014-01-19

How to Be Optimistic?Hello readers of the site

In the previously article we learnt about how to get rid of negative thoughts. As I promised early; today well talk about How to Be Optimistic?. This article is a continuation of the previously article. Thats why you have to read the article How to get rid of negative thoughts? because it will be the first step to be optimistic. As well Ill tell you about pluses and minuses to be optimistic. In fact always be an optimistic is not always good. Sometimes you have to be aggressive. Ill tell you about it in the end of article. Lets get started.

How to Be Optimistic?

So, as I said that in order to be optimistic you have to embed the habit you have to have positive thoughts in your brain. I know that is difficult be optimist when past contains the negative memories about a bad events, failures, etc. The negative past indeed is cause of pessimism. I did not tell about something in the previously article. I did it intentionally in order to tell you in this article. Please, try to understand that the past does not equal the future. You have to separate past from present and future. From the present will depend on your future. Seeing solely the negative sides of every situation may reason you to miss good opportunities, disregard problems that demand to be fast solved, and not to take action that would improve your life. In order to avoid these cases please try to think positive and please partially forget about the past negative experience. I know that it is difficult. Every time start with a clean slate as if you are doing something for the first time and do not have any experience. Block the negative memories. Delete assumption type of that whole world is against you or you were born to be a loser. How to do this? You should less focus on the past and more focus on the present and future. Only so!!! Ok, I hope you understand me. If it is so then go further.

Of course you should find something that will make you happy. It is very important in order to be optimistic because happiness research has founded that optimism and happiness 85% depends on the internal state of the. If you find something that will make you happy, then becoming an optimist will be much simpler because you will radiate happiness. By the way, you can read article How to be Happy?. Be active in your life. There is a Russian proverb: Better do this and after regret than dont do this and watch TV. Happy and optimistic people always have big and good goals for achievement. You cant avoid disappointments and obstacles during the achievement of the objectives. However if you will not give up then later you will achieve your goal and after become happy and optimistic. This happened to me once. I could not achieve some goals long time. I have been pessimist and I did not believe in myself. But later I have achieved my goals and I became happy and optimistic person. Now my goals are achieved much easier than before. Why??? Because I have became a happy and optimistic.

Do good deeds often as possible. It is very effective way in order to become optimist. Do good thing unselfishly in then youll feel happiness and you become optimistic. For example I love give presents to women. I like surprise them. When I do this I feel happy and happiness is an important component to be optimistic. Occasionally I give money to poor people. I know that they more need them than I and if I have some money I share with them. I do this unselfishly. Of course I feel remarkable and youll feel yourself also.

Use positive affirmations. I dislike this way but may be you like it. Positive affirmations help shift focus from negative to positive. You can use them when negative thoughts attack you. For example:

  • Anything is possible;
  • My circumstances do not create me, I create my circumstances;
  • The only thing I can control is my attitude towards life;
  • I always have a choice;
  • I choose to live my positive side of life.

Americans have phrase: All will be fine!. It is really good phrase that helps be optimistic and smile. Russian people rarely use such phrase. I advise you that you always use such phrase when your business are bad. Sooner or later all will settle.

Ok!!! That will be all. Now you know how to be optimist. Just use these ways and all will be fine. But I want to warn you: be optimistic not always actual. Sometimes you need to give vent to your emotions. Restrain emotion can bring harm. Reality must be assessed adequately. Dont be blind. Connect your positive thinking and realism.

Thank you for your attention. I am glad that you have read this article till the end. I apologize for my bad English. Sooner or later I learn this language. I want from you that you leave comments below. Your interaction is important for me.

How to Be Optimistic

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