How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts? 7 The Best Ways

Author: Michail

Date: 2014-01-15

How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts?Hello readers of the site

Topic of this article: How to get rid of negative thoughts? How many times have you heard that you should have positive thoughts in your head? What is it for? Positive thoughts need in order to be happy and lucky. When a person has negative thoughts in his brain then his day becomes a bad day: things go very wrong, relationships with people spoil and deteriorate, day turns gray and then black and there is a desire to die (critical case). Each day starts with your mood. There have Russian proverb: As the day you meet so you will spend it!. That is why we shall get rid of negative thoughts. Lets do it right now!

Negative thoughts appear every time when it happens (happened) something bad. From your perception of such cases depend will your future life. Why think I so? Because the thoughts shape your behavior and actions, after that your behavior and actions shape your own reality. You can watch video: Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life. Then youll all understand.

How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts?

Listen musicIn the bad days I use positive music. Yes I listen to the energetic music. Music is basic way to cheer up. Try to think about good things when you listen to music, I mean no negative thoughts while listening to music. Do you understand me? You have to radiate positive waves while listening to music. Music helps immerse into yourself (or you?). This is your chance to get rid of negative thoughts. A similar method is to remember remarkable events that have happened in your life. All people perfectly remember bad events in their lives and forget about the good events. Why? That is our nature. Our brain is better to remember bad things than good things due to negative emotions that are stronger than positive emotions. Your task is to switch to positive emotions through positive memories. It can be: first kiss, some success in your business, some pleasant event in your life. Main task is to switch your attention from the negative to the positive. Apart from music you can use funny videos for achieve that goal. For that to use youtube.

MeditationMeditation is the best way to get rid of negative thoughts. Why??? Meditation helps to get rid of any emotions: positives and negatives. During meditation a brain activity decreases. Reduced frequency of brain activity eliminates any emotions. If you cant switch your attention then you may use this way. Itll be difficult too because not easy to make yourself start to meditate when you want to tear down. But if you do this; you will get rid of negative thoughts.

Positive peopleSpeak only with positive people. You always make decision which team to play. If you will use positive things; you will get positive things and vice versa; if you will use negative things; you will get negative things in your life. Negative people are toxic. They always poison someones life through negative conversation. Do you need it? Of course NO! Positive people do also but it is conversely. They share with other people the pleasant news. Positive people give us energy and strength required to achieve goals which grows our confidence for the future. Surround yourself with positive people.

SleepHow about to sleep? Dream or sleep is great way to stop your negative thoughts. Sleep is the best of the best rest. In order to get rid of negative thoughts will be enough the deep sleep. When you wake up; you will notice that your mood is wonderful. I have noticed this many times. If you cant sleep then I advise you to relax in your warm bathroom. This also is nice rest.

Silence and loneliness also will help you to stop negative thoughts. It isnt meditation but there are similarities though. You need to retire in order to analyze the negative situation. After deep analyze of the negative situation you can feel better than before. I do this always. I try to understand why it is happened with me? When I find causes; I begin understand why it is happened with me. My thoughts are changing at once: from negative to positive.

DistractDistract yourself. You can visit gym, dance or just walk. All this might distract you from your negative thoughts. Main task is to move. I often come to the dance in bad mood. I dont know why but after dance I feel remarkable. Why? Why? Because to moves help me forget about negative cases. Gym and just walk helps me too in that. Try to invent yours.

And last way: just wait when your negative thoughts will go away of your head. This will happen naturally. Not all people are able to get rid of negative thoughts. However: all that has a beginning also has an end. Your negative monolog sooner or later also will go away. You can yell, resent, etc. Throwing out the negative emotions youll feel better. Why not? You can use this way always.

Ok, thatll be all. Next time Ill write How to be optimistic?. Itll be a continuation of this article. I really wish you magnificent mood. If you noticed strange English then I repeat that I from Russia and my native language is Russian language. I apologize for that. Currently I learn English. Recently I learnt present continues. I didnt know that you have 16 times. For Russian language past simple and present continues are same. Please leave your comments below. It is very important for me.

How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

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