How to Be Interesting? The Best Advices

Author: Michail

Date: 2014-01-10

How to Be InterestingHello readers of the site

Everyone wants to be interesting in order to be loved. And if you are asking a question type How to be interesting? it means you think that you are boring and dull. Dont fret about it. Everyone might become a interesting person. In this article I will tell you can do it. You have to remember that from communication will be depend on your whole life. Be interesting it is important for everyone. So, lets get started.

How to Be Interesting?

Be yourself and never get pretend. Interesting man is not one who talks too much, it is who can listen. You can be interesting person for other people even if you will not talk activity. I observed such situations. One person became interesting for other person because he only listened to him. How is it possible? It is easy to explain. Majority of people adore only talk about themselves. If you will learn to listen to such people you will be interesting person for them. I solemnly swear that it will. Be yourself and learn to listen to people who talks actively about themselves.

How to Find and Make Friends?

If you dont know how to start a conversation I advise you start ask questions regarding your interlocutor. I use this way very often. I almost didnt ask people: How do? or How are you? and I have never liked such questions. Such questions are cliché. But it is the best way to start conversation and continue that successfully. You may ask your interlocutor about everything that regarding him (Where he studies/works, how long he has been studying or working, what does he like, what is his hobby, etc). After few question your conversation will continue automatically. If conversation does not go it can means that your interlocutor is boring and dull. It is not already your problem. Ask people about themselves. It is very easy task.

Definitely you have to be educated. Mostly interesting people are educated and they know many things. You have to do. Try to read more books, find new activities and broaden scope of conversation as much as possible. The more you know the better for you. If you have never been interested in new things it is time begin do it. You need to start expanding your horizons. Choose new scopes for yourself: sport, cookery, dance, volunteering, etc. Join some group or club. There have many people with whom you can talk. Engaging in new activities you will expand your horizons, gain experience and become an interesting person.

In advance be prepared tell something interesting about your life. You even can create stories to share for other people. All the interesting people are able interesting to talk about their live. Talk is art too. Interesting person always talks with emotion. Boring person always mumble. You can talk nonsense but if you talk nonsense with emotions that people will listen to you. All people love emotions. Give them the emotions. You need to develop your voice and diction. Likewise a person has to be positive i.e. often smile, be in a good mood. Cheerful and talkative people are always attracted my attention. I always interesting with them. What about you? I bet you also attracted to such people. It is unlikely that you pay attention to the gloomy people. Such people are invisible. Dont be gloomy never ever.

Begin to develop a sense of humor. A person who has sense of humor is always interesting person. It is obviously. Such persons are soul of the company (so says in Russia). They always can make laugh anyone. Later Ill write article How to Develop Sense of Humor?. Here I can only tell you to watch more humorous program. It develops sense of humor. If you already have sense of humor then I cant understand why are you reading article How to Be Interesting?? May be you forgot use that? If you begin use your sense of humor youll become interesting person.

A person becomes visible when he begins to stand out from the crowd. Stand out from the crowd it means do those actions which almost no one does. Dont be afraid to stand out. All interesting people stand out, thats why they are interesting for other people. Think about what you can do in order to stand out. You can change the style of your appearance, start playing guitar, change the model of behavior, begin creative, etc. Try to invent something.

Begin observing the people who is popular. After observing I advise you to try to write their traits. How do you think what makes them interesting? What are traits? It can be: sociability, charisma, vitality, sense of humor, has a special behavior, initiative, confidence? After that you have to try foster these habits in yourself. I once did just that. It really worked.

I want to warn you: in order to become interesting person you have to spend a lot of time. Any undertaking demand a lot of time. Please be patient and never give up. Obstacles will necessarily. This does not avoid. I reckon that article How to be interesting? is completed. I apologize for my English. So I work on it. Thank you for your attention. I hope that you leave comments below. It is very important for me. See you in the next articles.

How to Be Interesting, how to become interesting

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