How to Make Friends? The best ways

Author: Michail

Date: 2014-01-08

How to Make FriendsHello readers of the site

In every life there comes a time when a person begins to suffer from loneliness. May be not all people but at least most of them suffer of loneliness. A person wants to talk with somebody but not with anyone. Then he asks the question: How to Make Friends? and How to Find Friends. By the way, you can read Carnegies book How to Win Friends and Influence People. I know that you know about this book. Likely you read it before. Reread this book again. In this article Ill tell you about reasons that interrupt you make friends. When you destroy them; you find many friends, I guarantee it.

Causes of Loneliness

Shyness is a big cause of loneliness. As a rule people who have shyness are alone. Are you shy? If you answered YES I can see then why you are alone. Below Ill tell you what to do in order to destroy shyness. Fear is another reason of loneliness. I wrote articles: How to get rid of fear? and How to overcome fear?. You can read these articles. Sit at home is third reason why you have no friends. Its obvious. If a person with no one communicates the chances to make friends are zero.

How to Find and Make Friends?

Be around peopleThe best way to make friends is spend more time around people. I hope you understand me. The more you stay among people the more you have chances to find and make friends. Constant communication will help you overcome your shyness. Do not be afraid of communication as none of you for it not to kill. Many people are friendly and they not against for talking. You ask me: Where can I meet people?. Well, read next and youll know.

Of course you can join an organization or club with those people who have similar interests. It is fantastic way to meet people and make friend. I use this way constantly. It does really work. I go dance, gym, acting classes, two English schools (courses) and English club. If you didnt know, Im from Russia and currently I bad speak English especially on hearing. But I try write an articles for you. Who knows may be later well become the best friends. Ok, lets continue.

Of course in order to make friends you should talk a lot. I told you about it above. The initiator of talk should always be you. If youre afraid to approach first then read the articles: How to build self-confidence? Help for insecure people and What is Self-Esteem? How to Build Self-Esteem?. Approach first for talk is really important rule to find and make friends. For some people itll be very difficult. The more you will be practice the easier itll be further. Just do it (start conversation first).

CommunicateYou must know that you need to learn to communicate. Be interesting person is no easy task. Later I write article: How to be interesting or you can listen audio online How to Win Friends and Influence People. Be interesting person is obviously in order to make many friends. It is whole art. Here I can say that every person must become a good listener. Please, observe this rule. Listen attentively to what people say, remember important details about them (their names, their likes and dislikes), ask questions about their interests, and just take the time to learn more about them. All people appreciate and love it.

And now I want to say about psychological aspect. Nobody likes needy people. If you will radiate neediness, then you will frighten people. All people like self-confident people. People instinctively reach for such people. If you very want to make friends you must reduce neediness and importance to do it. Why? If you do this; you will be easier to achieve your goal. Self-confident person and needy person have different behavior. Perhaps you noticed this before. And so in all. In order to win; everyone must reduce neediness and importance.

Be yourself. Many people just want show off in front other people. You should not try to seem so who you are not. Sooner or later people will still know who you really are. Be yourself is main rule. Of course you have to develop as a person. It increases your value in eyes people.

Be patientPlease be patient. To find and make friends is task of not one day. It may take a lot of time. I know that majority of people stop trying to achieve their goals after few unsuccessful attempts. Dont be among them. Sooner or later you make many friends; there will be so many that you want solitude. Never give up.

So, as always I want to say my favorite phrase: Thatll be all. I apologize for my probably promiscuous English. I sincerely wish you to make many friends.

How to Make Friends, How to Find Friends

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