What is Self-Esteem? How to Build Self-Esteem?

Author: Michail

Date: 2014-01-02

What is Self-Esteem? How to Build Self-Esteem?Hello readers of the site www.worldmagik.com.

Today 2nd January, yesterday came the new 2014 year. Im happy. In this article we continue last theme which has called How to Build Self-Confidence?. The topic of this article How to Build Self-Esteem?. First article, I will answer the question What is self-esteem?. Without self-esteem and self-confidence will be difficult achieve some goal because it demands those both virtues. I assume you are agree with me, isnt? Ok, lets go!!!

What is Self-Esteem?

Usually first I ask people to answer themselves. Dear reader, try answer yourself on question What is self-esteem?. Take a list and write your thoughts. If you done I congratulate you. And now read my version on question What is self-esteem?. Self-esteem its your attitude to yourself, i.e. it is your thoughts and ideas about yourself, your vision about yourself, your attitude regarding yourself. Your thoughts about yourself can be very different from other peoples thoughts regarding you. No match.

And now I want give your one task. As always I ask you to take piece of paper and write about yourself. What do you think about yourself? Write anything! It doesnt take much time. Have you done this task? Ok. And now, if you have good self-esteem, you can ask other people to write about you. What do they think about you? If they do this then youll see the big different. You may even take offense. No offense to them. But can be vice versa. They may write about you better thoughts than you wrote about yourself. In first case you have high self-esteem; in second case you have low self-esteem. Neither first case nor second case is not good. We wont talk about high self-esteem; well talk about low self-esteem.

How to Build Self-Esteem?

GaitIn order to build self-esteem will be enough have the correct gait. Many people walk as slaves. Their posture has the form of a hook. Such people never create the impression of a confident person. They have low self-esteem, it is 100%. So you should start walk like a confident person. Straighten shoulders, straighten your back, lift your head and ready. Thus your self-esteem will rise automatically. If you change the physical aspect then the inner aspect will change too. Try it right now. Tear off your ass from a chair and begin walk as I described above. Youll feel confidence. After the experiment remember your new gait and keep practicing. Your new gait should be fixed forever.

In the last article I told you about past success. I want repeat again that you must remember about them. Past failures are better remembered than past success. Therein lies the problem of low self-esteem. People more focused on failures than victories. If you do also it is means that you must change your focus. Let be conversely. I solemnly swear this way will help you to build self-confidence. Im sure that you have big victories of your life.

MirrorMirror is great way to build self-esteem. Each self-confident man is able to accept compliments from other people. You can try this way right now. Stand in front of the mirror and start to pay compliments to yourself. During this please dont forget look in your eyes. Is it difficult? If you have low self-confidence then it will be difficult for you. You are not accustomed to accept compliments in his address, especially from yourself. Practice a lot.

In order to be self-confidence and have high self-esteem, I should stop comparing yourself to other people. In the world there are always people who better than you. Even if you achieved great success there are always people who achieved more than you. Constant comparing yourself with others people leads to lower self-esteem. Start to compare the present you with the past you. If you noticed some personal growth I congratulate you. Self-development is important for everyone.

So! I advise you read books about self-confidence and self-improvement. There have very good advices about how to build self-esteem. But read such books is not enough, you should act a lot. Answer for the question What actions can help me raise self-esteem?. Perhaps it is public speaking, extreme sports like parachute jump, etc.

HeroIn order to build your self-esteem you should do these things that you never did before. Especially if you are afraid of them do. Why is it needed? Try to remember the events from your life that you were afraid to do before you made them. For example: you were afraid to take number phone of a girl and invite her for a date. But you overcame fear and did it. How did you feel after? I bet you felt a hero. Your self-esteem rose or grew up. I dont know how to say correct. So do those things that you are afraid to do. Then you will often feel heroes. Thatll be all.

Sorry for my bad-quality English. Please, if you read this article until the end, leave your comments. I should know you understand me or not. You can give estimate this article. Article What is Self-Esteem? How to Build Self-Esteem? is finished. Thank you for paid attention. See ya later in the next articles.

What is Self-Esteem, How to Build Self-Esteem

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