How to build self-confidence? Help for insecure people

Author: Michail

Date: 2013-12-28

How to build self-confidence?Hello readers of the site

You cant imagine how important self-confidence in our life. Without good self-confidence a person unlikely can become successful. Every success man has high self-confidence. That is why you should develop your self-confidence. If you do it then your self-esteem will improve and then you may achieve any goal. Lets answer for the question How to build self-confidence?. I will give you several tips which help you.

How to build self-confidence?

First step recognize your insecurities. You should know what makes you feel insecure. Perhaps it is acne, excess weight, low growth, thinness, etc. Appearances do matter for self-confidence. Many people feel unsecure because they have bad appearance. You can fix this. Additionally there have other reasons, not only appearance. These reasons include different kinds of fears. People always are afraid of rejection. Nobody wants to be rejected. And if you got many rejections before, it is means that you now feel insecure. No wonder. I wrote article How to get rid of fear?. Read it immediately. In any case you should find reasons of your insecure and destroy them.

Lose weightFor example: I feel insecure because I fat. Not one girl does pay any attention to me. I know they dont like the chubby boys. What am I going do in order to destroy this reason? I start to go to the gym and eat healthy to lose weight. If I do this my insecure will disappear and Ill be confident.

Next example: you feel insecure because you are afraid of rejection. All people are afraid of rejection. People develop self-confidence when overcomes fear. The best and hard way to overcome any fear is meet face-to-face the fear. Are you afraid of rejection? Get rejections many times and your fear sooner or later will disappear. After this you will feel more confident.

Third example: you feel insecure because you have low growth. What is next? Many popular people also have low growth. You know them: Danny De Vito, Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Cruise, Al Pacino, James McAvoy, Ben Stiller and other actor. They have low growth but they have popularity. It means that growth does not matter. You learnt it and now you can feel confident.

How to build self-confidence? You can identify your last successes. You know as well as I that past successes usually forgotten, but failures we firmly remember. Sit down and begin to remember last successes. Perhaps you successfully performed on the stage as speaker or won some competition. Achievements help to develop self-esteem. It checked by me.

wrong opinionThe best way to build self-confidence is the adoption of yourself for who you are. Many people deceive themselves when they start to hang labels on themselves. Then born complexes. People see themselves as what is not. All you mind. Their perception about themselves is wrong. It develops self-doubt. So stop to lie to yourself. You are better than you think about yourself. You can watch video that below.

In order to develop your self-confidence you have to many act. Confidence is not developing by itself. Confidence improves when you do what you are afraid. It is truth. Than more you do what youre afraid the better for your confidence and self-esteem. DO WHAT YOURE AFRAID. It is the best mean to improve self-confidence.

For example: I live in Russia and I occasionally go to dance. School is called Dance cool. There have freestyle, not only routines or choreography. Few people attend freestyle (so class is called) because there need go in a circle of people and dance as can. Many people are embarrassed. They dont attend such classes because they are afraid. Such classes can help everyone develop self-confident. Just do it and that is all. I attend such classes. Yes, I am afraid of do this too but I just do.

Public speaking is great way to improve self-confidence. Start to develop oratorical skill and publicly speak to an audience. It is very scary but is it very efficiently to build self-confidence. Once I did it. Scary are only in your mind and before. When you speak on a stage you are not afraid of it. So you can build self-confidence.

Speaking public

Thatll be all. Proceed as often as possible. Only actions can change something. Just in case I give you Russian article ?. I assume this article is the last article this year. 2014 is coming soon. I beg your pardon for my bad English. Try to forgive and understand me. So I ask you to write your comment below. I should see that you understand me. Your help is very important for me.

Merry Christmas.

How to build self-confidence

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