What is happiness? Get answer right now!

Author: Michail

Date: 2013-12-24

What is happiness?Hello readers of the site www.worldmagik.com.

New 2014 years is coming soon. Today 24th December and my first Russian site was a two- year. Therefore I wanted to talk about happiness. Any discuss begins with a question. Question sounds as What is happiness?. Today I know what is happiness because happy birth of my site. Im feeling really happy. And I want to share my senses and fought with you.

What is happiness?

Firstly happiness is sense, feeling, positive emotion which is never enough. Absolutely all people are ready to feel this sense endlessly. All people in the whole world are rushing to happiness. It is the meaning of life of each person. I assume you think also. Happiness is magnificent feeling. But there have one BUT. If people seek happiness is happiness for some reason does not seek to people. The more a person wants to be happy the more miserable he becomes. It turns out pursuit of happiness that lasts until the end of life. Why is this happening?

It is easy to explain. Person cant be happy while he lives in the future or past. When man lives for future he cant focus on the present. Happiness exists only in the present day. You cant find happiness in the past or future because your focus not the present day. Life is it right now. 99% of people as always forget about it because they occupied with thoughts about the future or past. Happiness flies past them.

It is imperative think about the future, but to be there (in the future) whole life is big mistake. I assume you watched film which is called Click with Adam Sandler. Do remember. Do you remember how he once skipped his life ahead in the future? Was he happy? No. He lost a big part of his life. After that he regretted about it. But all American films have positive end because it makes us happy.

Present daysHe made is the same mistake as make almost all people. He lived in the future and he forgot about present. The fate of his taught a lesson when gave him a magic remote. Many people live also: present day for them is irrelevant and future for them is the only possibility to be happy. That is why they dont feel happiness. You should understand that happiness lives in the present time.

Happiness is certain condition. Different things make people happy. For example: family makes people happy, friends make people happy, for some people travels make people happy, etc. Even job can make people happy. All the matter in the inner sensations. Try to answer yourself the question: What does happiness mean to you?. List all the possible options. If you do this then you will get the answer to the question What is happiness?.

Ok, were going further. Many people, especially Russian people, are rushing for money. We think that money will make us happy. This is partly true. But love will make it much faster than money. Mutual love always makes people happy. And if man has either (both) then he is really happy. You know about it Im sure in that. Why? As I said all matter in sensations.

Feeling happinessI assume that if people did not rush for happiness then they will be really happy. Happiness is not external but internal condition. Man may has everything, but without inner feeling he wont be happy. Vice versa: man may have nothing but he can be happy if he is feeling it. Happiness depends for you and only you. If you know how to live for today then you can become happy right now and at once.

For that you can try remember the best events in your life. Remembering these events you can thanks God for the fact that it happened to you. Then you will become happy. Last time we told about how to become happy. In this article I have tried to explain what is happiness. For everyone happiness is different. You make decision what is happiness for you.

Sorry for my English. You know about that I dont good know English. But Im sure you understood me. You can try read Russian version ?. On Russian I write more than on English. You know what reason is. Well. I hope you will rate my article and will write comments. Thanks for paid attention.

what is happiness

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