How to Get Good Luck or How to Attract Good Luck and Fortune?

Author: Michail

Date: 2013-12-18

How to Get Good Luck?Hello readers of the site

I always thought that our life is 98% dependent from on luck. Much in life depends on the person, but his life is even more dependent on the circumstances. In Russia there have two definitions: internal intention and external intention. Internal intention implies the actions of human, i.e. when a human starts do something yourself. In the world of humans such intention is the most developed. People do something and achieve their goals. Many people, before to become successful, suffer failures a lot. And then to them come good luck in consequence of which they become successful.

What about external intention? External intention is the same intention but it does work vice versa. In this case the whole world is moving towards human. Do you understand me? Reality creates some of events for a human in order to get that what he wants. Any desires are fulfilled autonomously. It is that case, when mountain is moving to Magomed. These cases are good luck.

How to Get Good Luck?

How to attract good luck and fortune? To external intention to start work you ought to observe three rules:

  1. Lack of importance (no importance);
  2. Visualization pictures;
  3. Availability of a huge energy.

Many energyNow I need to explain that these three rules mean. It is impossible to achieve big objectives without the huge energy. The big goals demand the energy a lot. It is obvious. For obtain a lot of energy, you have to eat right and exercise. Good luck loves the energy people. The availability of energy isnt more important as visualization pictures and lack of importance. For attract good luck you should visualize final result. I know that you know about it as well as I. I repeat. When you image the final result of your goal you activate the desired script that helps you accomplish your goal. This procedure is called visualization of slide. Such action, you activate the external work of intentions, and good luck too.

And the most important rule for attract good luck is no importance. Importance of achieving goal always interrupts do it. Why is it happening? Russian author whose name is Vadim Zeland explains this nonsense. He talks about equilibrium forces. They eliminate any excess balance. It is their work. Excess balance occurs in consequence of the importance. When a person experiences the importance of reaching the goal then this excess balance occurs. Equilibrium forces always acting against man.

Excess balanceTherefore necessary reduce the importance of achieving. The best variant is when you are acting and nothing expecting some result. In this case an excess balance no occurs and it is mean that accomplishment goal will be easy. Thus activates work of external intentions. External intentions is it good luck. But its easier said than done. It is difficult to do anything without the desire. A burning desire leads to excess balance. But without some desire a man unlikely will do something. Necessary have willpower. Good luck comes then when excess balance is lack. Because equilibrium forces does not interfere with good luck to come to you.

And of course you should act a lot. Good luck loves resistant people. Do remember phrase: If you want to increase success rate, double your failure rate. That is the law of luck and success. Actions a lot are the secret of good luck. The more you act the better for you, because some day good luck will visit you.

How to Attract Good Luck and Fortune?

In order to attract good luck and fortune you can resort to magic rituals. In the internet you might find much ways for this. Also do not forget to celebrate the successful event. It is as ritual. The more you celebrate the positive events in your life, the more luck comes to you. Vice versa: The more you see the negative events in your life, the more negative events come to you. For attract good luck and fortune you must resort to the first variant.

magic ritual

Thatll be all. You can try read my Russian article ?. It looks as if I advertise mine Russian site. I want to you know that I from Russia. That is why I have bad English. Please understand and forgive me. Bye.

How to Get Good Luck or How to Attract Good Luck and Fortune

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