What Do Women Want?

Author: Michail

Date: 2013-11-10

What do women want?Hello readers of the site www.worldmagik.com.

I dont know how in America, but I know how in Russia! Advance I beg your pardon for my English, I just started learning it! In this article Ill give you answer What do women want?. Since I only two months ago started learning English, I ask you to understand me and forgive me! Your reading will be funny and interesting. In this article, Ill tell you about the Russian one (opinion)! So! Lets get started.

What Do Women Want?

First, answer this question for yourself! How do you think What do women want?. Perhaps, money or love or may be sex? This question is really difficult. Often, women dont know what they want themselves. We men, might only guess! But theres something that all women want Im sure it is LOVE and CARE! Love and care for women much more important than money. Why I think so?

I have one girl friend (not mine girlfriend) that broke up with her rich boyfriend! I asked her WHY? He is rich man? She answered me: I dont want to bear him children!. I hope you realized me. She doesnt want to start a family with this person. Yes, he is rich person, but he is unreliable man. Women feel this right away! They want have reliable men, who will always be with them! This demonstrates the care and love! Thats what women want in the first place! Remember this!

What do women want else? Women love, when her man can solve problem! This very important for every woman, because women the weaker sex. Women like shift responsibility on men! It was always been so. Men supply all the necessary for women and women as homemaker. Women like strong men. Solution to any problems is a sign of strength! Remember this. Weakness it is a sign of women. Women need strong men, not men of no character. Remember this too!

Lets continue! Women like romantic men. Some men behave like beasts! They want from women only sex. Women dont want to be a means to satisfy the needs of men. They want a romance. Romance is a powerful tool for seducing women. Many guys forget about this tool. They only think about sex. Dont be so. Its very big mistake.

Attention and careWomen like attention. This is obvious as the sun rising. But many guys forget about this again. Women really love when listen them. Women often talk nonsense, and not every guy is going to listen attentively. But if you will listen this attentively, you will become a better person for women. Youll become the most desirable man. Women will appreciate this ability. Always to listen women attentively! So you demonstrate respect and care.

Continue on to answer the question What do women want? As well as men women very love stunning sex. If at the beginning of the relationship, women need care and attention, but then they demand a stunning sex. Men act conversely, first sex, second care and attention. If the guy doesnt give a woman what she wants then she doesnt give the guy what he wants. Woman needs of care, attention and protection. Man needs of sex and countenance. Man must give the woman that what she wants and woman must give the man that what he wants. Remember this. Many people think type If I want this then other people also want this. It is big deception. Give your woman a stunning sex. During sex, concentrate on your woman. Give her maximum pleasure. Fabulous sex is half the battle.

RespectWhat do women want else? Respect of course. Man must listens opinion of woman. He has to help his woman in any business. Some things need to be done in co-. For example: purchase of furniture, site selection for joint pastime, selection of places to stay. In Russia some men prefer one-man rule in the family. Such actions offend women. Sometimes the opposite happens. Woman is lieder and man is looser. This is not right, should be equality. Women want equality. Always consult with your woman. Never act alone. Woman may think that you dont respect her. They require us (men) to respect.

Resume to article What do women want?

Women want:

  1. - Love and care;
  2. - Attention and respect;
  3. - Stunning sex;
  4. - Strong and confident men, who can solve problems.

I hope my English was not badly too. I have the Russian site http://www.worldmagik.ru. I hope you will become mine regular reader. Someday Ill start to speak and write well in English. Seven years later, when Ill open this page of site Ill laugh at myself. Article What do women want is finished. By the way, you can read the Russian version of this article. Honestly, that article turned out more than this article. This called ? or What do women want?. You can use Translate.Google.com. Thank you so much.

what do women want

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